New single ‘I Will Fall’

And there it is my new single ‘I Will Fall’. This song was first heard on the American TV series ‘Nashville’ on ABC Network. This series can also be seen in the Netherlands via internet or on Netflix. This series has caught the attention of many music lovers including a number of dutch DJ’s.
I was  touched by the song ‘I Will Fall’. It was a simple melody line with beautiful harmonious vocals. I knew this song had to be recorded. We  approached Songwriters and Composers Tyler James and Kate York, from Nashville, Tennessee,  they were both sold on the idea of recording.

Producers Henk Pool and Arno Krabman also wanted to be involved in this project. I approached Stef Classens (winner of the 2014 Best Singer-Songwriter award) and immediately there was a vocal connection between the him and me! We were both busy writing our own songs and working hard on our musical careers, but we  set aside time to work specifically on this project.

We hope this single will be warmly received by all of our fans.