Willemijn is a Dutch singer/songwriter. Her songs deal primarily with love and life. However, they leave something to the imagination so one’s curiosity will be aroused…. . Willemijn was born in the spring month of May. Since age eleven , she has dedicated herself entirely to her music. She began taking intensive training in both song and piano. Writing beautiful texts and also composing music is a daily activity. Her passion for songwriting brings her into contact with many other songwriters and producers. In 2012, she participated in a masterclass. By participating in this masterclass and the coaching of singer and producer Tjeerd Bomhof  Willemijn has experienced tremendous growth in the field of singing and performance. As a result, she was allowed to participate in the masterclass for the second time in 2013. The result of this masterclass is the song “Fire”, which can be heard on her first EP.   On her first EP you can hear different songs, Ballads and popsongs and some of them were co-written with Rupert Blackman from the Dutch band Causes.

The single ‘Fire’ has been released in May 2014 and instantly Willemijn May drew attention from everywhere. 3fm DJ Rob Stenders was completely sold after hearing this song. He immediately invited Willemijn to make an appearance on his show ‘Stenders Late Vermaak’. Rob Stenders named ‘Fire’ the DJ’s favourite. After the invitation by Rob Stenders, Willemijn was then invited by 3fm’s best known DJ Giel Beelen to sing on his morning program. She was given the opportunity to sing two of her own numbers and a cover song. Willemijn sang ‘I See Fire’by Ed Sheeran. The positive reactions via social media were overwhelming!

Not only 3fm was showing interest in Willemijn but Radio 1 and 2 were also impressed with her songs. Willemijn was named Radio 2 Talent in July and August.

This gave her the attention she needed to further her career. Her second single ‘Guide Me Home’ received abit less radio time but still sold and streamed well. One of the Netherlands favourite female singers, Sanne Hans, performed ‘Guide Me Home’ on RTL LATE NIGHT with Humberto Tan. Sanne Hans expects to hear a lot more from Willemijn.

In addition to her own repertoire, the idea arose to form a duet. This resulted in the single ‘I Will Fall’. This song was first heard on the American TV series ‘Nashville’ on ABC Network. This series can also be seen in the Netherlands via internet or on Netflix. This series has caught the attention of many music lovers including a number of dutch DJ’s.
Willemijn was personally touched by the song ‘I Will Fall’. It was a simple melody line but with beautiful harmonious vocals. She knew this song had to be recorded. She then approached Songwriters and Composers Tyler James Geertsma and Kate York, from Nashville, Tennessee and after hearing the song, they were both sold on the idea of recording.

Producers Henk Pool and Arno Krabman also wanted to be involved in this project. Willemijn approached Stef Classens (winner of the 2014 Best Singer-Songwriter award) and immediately there was a vocal connection between the two! Even though both artists were busy writing their own songs and working on their own musical careers, they both set aside time to work specifically on this project.Willemijn May’s ‘I Will Fall’ (ft. Stef Classens) was released on January 26th and they had the chance to perform it onRadio2 and Radio Veronica.

January 2016 the single ‘Travelling Light’ will be released.

Willemijn wrote this single in England with Paul Drew and Ellie Wyatt.

We hope the fans will warmly receive this song!


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